From deep in the archives, rescued from VHS, Raw Cut presents the original US version of Robot Wars from 1996, predating the UK version by 2 years.

The 1994 Robot Wars in San Francisco, California featured three different ‘games’ for each of three robot weight classes:

The FACE-OFF paired robots to battle through an elimination tournament. A robot won a match by immobilizing its opponent, either by damage or by pinning. If both robots were still mobile at the end of ten minutes, they both advanced to the next round of the tournament.

The MOB SCENE was a free-for-all melee fight amongst multiple robots. There were two Mob Scene fights: one for lightweight robots, and a never-repeated ‘all weight classes’ melee.

The ESCORT event had a single competitor robot escort a defenseless “drone” robot across the arena while a “house robot” attempted to attack the drone. The successful escort with the lowest time was declared the winner. The Escort event was contested only in 1994.

And now without further ado, in all it’s lo-res glory – Robot Wars!