This is the shocking moment French tourists were subjected to a torrent of vile xenophobic abuse on a bus in Australia for not speaking ENGLISH.

The clip starts with four girls, from France, starting to sing a song in French which sparks chants from one female passenger of “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie”.

Appearing to misunderstand the chants as playful, one of the French girl’s was then seen singing louder with her friends joining in.

In response passengers then start shouting racist abuse towards their Franco visitors who begin to retreat to the back of the bus.

The footage then shows Australian’s on the bus threatening to attack, with one passenger threatening to ‘Cut the b***h’s t*t’s off’ with a fishing knife offered to him from one of the other passengers.

Another can be heard to say ‘Speak English or die motherf**ker’.

Shocked Australian native Mike Nayna filmed the whole frightening ordeal on his mobile phone.

Mike said: “I asked the Aussie passengers to calm down and it sent this guy who was holding his phone off on a tangent about hating black people, he said darkies should be kept at the back of the bus where they belong.”

As the clip continues a passenger can be heard shouting, “I’ll f*****g box cutter you right now doll.

He continues: “You’ve been told about four times, get off. Everyone on the bus wants to kill you and you’re going to have to get off the bus eventually b***h have you worked that out yet?”
As one of the passengers gets off the bus with a pram, he then proceeds to smash a window at the rear of the bus in an attempt to threaten one of the French girls.
The horrifying footage was filmed on a bus which runs on the Frankson line, in Melbourne, at 10:30pm this week.
Mike said: “It was a mob mentality it was sad to see. they were looking for an excuse to get angry. It was a sad state of affairs.
“The older crowd were accepting of the racism and the younger crowd were excited, it’s like they were showing off to each other
“Someone handed him a beer and said you can use my knife, it was this weird camaraderie, between three separate groups.
“If it’s one person going on a rant that’s different, but if three people bond over it, you know the sentiment is wrong.”
Mike said the bus hung around for a few minutes before driving another half a kilometre down the road to a replacement bus.
The whole time the threatening racists continued to bombard the French girls with insults and racist slurs.
When the bus finally stopped the girls were shepherded off of the bus by Mike and a few other passengers before fleeing down the road in terror.
Mike is keen for as many people as possible to see the video and hopes it will open up a dialogue about racism in Australia.
He said: “I don’t think it’s an issue with buses I think it’s an issue on the whole, Australia is a loving country but this is an underlying problem.”I don’t want to look like I’m bashing my country, I love my country, I just want this to be talked about as there is an underlying issue going on her here.”