Penguins Take Over London Undergorund!
hundreds of penguins storm London tube station and one goes for a downhill ski ! Read more
Baby Panda Falls Out of Tree At San Diego Zoo /15G-PD2-001
Package includes before of Xiao Liwu eating and then climbing back up. On August 6th 2013 Youtuber Greg Calkins had just turned on his camera and caught the baby panda at the San Diego Zoo (Xiao Liwu) falling out of his tree house. He was not hurt and shortly... Read more
My dogs a dick!
This guys dog will do nothing, unless there’s a treat involved! Read more
OMG Horse Drive Thru !!!!
A group of people can be seen here enjoying a post-night-out meal in Morriston McDonald’s, When at about 4am, a man known only as the ‘Long Rider’ trots in on his horse and heads straight for the drive-through! Read more
Ulitmate cock block! Dashcam car hits cows having sex!!
This is the moment a pair of randy cows having sex at the side of the road cause a car crash in Russia.A frisky bull mounts a red cow but his amorous intentions are rebuffed. As the female tries to get away she walks straight into the path of... Read more
DASH CAM FAIL: Police Pursuit is foiled by family of ducks!
Portland Police Traffic Officer Mark James attempts to catch up to a traffic violator, when a family of Ducks get in the way of the chase Read more
Born Free Foundation – Animals from around the world!
Various animals from different zoos including: leopard, Bear, Orang-outan, elephant and dancing red squirrels Show atypical compulsive behaviour that zoo animals often exhibit Read more
Kid kicks animals enclosure screen
A child at a zoo winds up the animals by hitting and kicking the screen to their enclosure Read more
Born Free Foundation – Chipmunk backflipping in cage
Atypical behaviour of a chipmunk in its enclosure Read more
Caught on CCTV – Dog Hit and Run
A CCTV camera catches a dog running into the road and being hit by a car which carries on Read more