Cute Baby Orangutan Plays With Box
A cute baby Orangutan in a zoo enjoys playing inside a cardboard box Read more
Born Free Foundation – Polar Bear Adoption
An orphan polar bear is placed with a surrogate mother in Churchill Canada. Carried slung under a helicopter, the orphan is brought to the surrogate mother and they are then monitored over a period of time Read more
Born Free Foundation – Giraffe Translocation
Joanna Lumley helps to relocate some Giraffes in LEWA, Kenya. Having darted the giraffe, it is kept calm until it is ready to stand up, where using rope, it is directed into a container where the unpredictable animal begins to jump around. It is quickly directed into its container... Read more
Born Free Foundation – Florina Lions
A lioness & lion are rescued from their squalid conditions by the Born Free Foundation in Florina, Greece. With the help of Helen Worth, Gail McIntyre from Coronation Street, the lions are flown back to the UK before being set free at the Born Free Shamwari Sanctuary, South Africa. Read more
Born Free Foundation: Lions Sonya & Maggie are released in South Africa
Baby Ural Owl Tomsk look like tea cosy
Baby Ural Owl Tomsk look like tea cosy Read more
Couple Spot Mexican King Snake in their garden
A couple go out into their garden only to discover a Mexican King Snake emerging from a drain! Read more
Einstein the goldfish gets floats to help him
This poor goldfish has trouble swimming so his owner has built a specially designed float so he can swim with his friends! Read more
Former battery chickens get knitted jumpers to keep them warm
Some kind members of the public have knitted these jumpers for battery fens who have lost their feathers. Read more
Shark Eats Shark /15A-PD2-014
Reference 15A-PD2-014 This is the crazy moment a 16 foot hammerhead shark attacks and eats a 6 foot blacktip shark while 3 guys are out shark fishing on a 14 foot boat in Tampa Bay Florida by the Sky Way Bridge. The three guys had caught the blacktip shark... Read more