Wrong Way Car on M20 Motorway
Caravan Crash on Motorway – Inverness
White Car Crashes into Bike
CCTV – Compact car crashes headfirst into lorrie
FAIL! Worst parallel parker
The hilarious moment a haphazard motorist reversed into a wall while attempting to parallel park has been caught on camera. Filmed on CCTV, the video shows the hapless driver make several failed attempts to back into a large parking space near Bo’ness, in West Lothian, Scotland, before side-swiping a... Read more
Heist FAIL! Bungling thieves smash into travel agency
CCTV of Bungling thieves who attempted to raid an upmarket clothes shop were left red faced after smashing their way into a TRAVEL AGENT It is thought the group planned to reverse a stolen car into into Garment Quarter, which stock lines from both Victoria Beckham and Vivienne Westwood.... Read more
Road and air police chase /15I-PD101-038
Dean Beech, Mark Kirk, Pedro Taylor and Jason Hadley hacked into the ATM at Waitrose in Kenilworth with the circular saw, crowbars and a ‘jaws of life’ hydraulic cutter – the type used by fire crews to rescue crash victims from vehicles. They spent eight minutes trying to access... Read more
White van shunts parked car /15G-PD101-033
CCTV footage shows the white van pulling up behind a black Peugeot 207 before shunting it forward several yards. The driver, who appeared to want a particular parking space, then brazenly walks around the van and heads up an alleyway next to it. Dan Lassman, 23, who owns the... Read more
Driving 140mph down motorway /15B-PD101-026
Mert Tanay, 26, from Enfield, north London, was pulled over at Junction 9 (Ashford) on the M20 coastbound carriageway, at about 10.30am on Sunday 28 September 2014. Officers travelling in an unmarked police car had been monitoring the speed of another vehicle when Tanay overtook them in his black... Read more
Doctor crashes 50mph head on car accident /15G-PD101-025
She escaped prosecution because the police officer investigating the case went off sick and the paperwork was not prepared in time. Colin Kay, 72, and his wife Krysia, 72, were travelling on the A586 Great Eccleston bypass at St Michael’s on Wyre in Lancashire. The doctor, in her Toyota... Read more