Man on car bonnett / 15B-PD101-018
Grzegorz Musial was sentenced at Guildford Crown Court on Wednesday, 4 March having previously pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm, dangerous driving, driving without insurance and failing to stop at the scene of an accident. The 28-year-old, of West Barnes Lane, New Malden, was banned from driving for... Read more
Car forced off road by articulated lorry /15B-PD101-014
The chilling incident, caught on a dashboard camera, saw the timber truck cut straight across a busy junction without giving other vehicles the right of way. And the motorist had to swerve onto the embankment to avoid being crushed by the huge freighter. Jim McLaughlin had been commuting to... Read more
£200,000 McLaren supercar written off by Saab / 15B-PD101-013
An insurance company was facing a hefty bill after a £200,000 McLaren supercar was badly damaged in a crash with a modest Saab. The McLaren 650S, which is capable of more than 200mph, was involved in a collision on Eaton Square, one of London’s poshest roads. It is thought... Read more
CCTV: Near miss as car smashes pavement avoiding pedestrain /15B-PD2-022
This is the heart-stopping moment a women was just inches from death after a car ploughed into a shop front. The pedestrian can be seen on CCTV walking down the pavement on Aston Road, in Hathershaw, Greater Manchester, at around 8.15pm on Wednesday last week. Just before the lady... Read more
FAIL Car Caught Reversing Wrong Way Down Motorway is Caught by Police
Check out this insane driver who decides it’s a good idea to reverse the wrong way down the hard shoulder of the M62 motorway! Thinking the Police won’t notice them going the wrong because they’re driving in reverse – it is all caught on camera by an incensed lorry... Read more
CAUGHT ON CCTV: Hit & Run of Pedestrian /15B-PD2-009 *
Detectives have released CCTV footage of the moment a car deliberately struck a pedestrian in a ‘hit and run’ collision in Luton two weeks ago in an attempt to identify the driver. The incident, which happened in Radnor Road at 11pm on June 12, is being investigated by the... Read more
Moped rider tries to outrun UK Police at 15mph
Police footage showing a chase taking place of a 50cc moped rider driving through the streets. The footage was filmed from a police helicopter. The moped rider is trying to outrun the Police at 15mph! Read more
Lorry only just makes hairpin bend on snowy road /15K-PD2-007
Lorry makes deadly turn on small downhill road, one wrong turn could be fatal! Read more
Epic Lorry 3 Point Turn on the Side of a Mountain /15B-PD2-008
Filmed in 2011 in the forest Mayr Melnhof Holz, Leoben Austria, tree feller Joachim Held recorded this extraordinary 3 point 3 turn on the side of a mountain. After loading the logs on the right of camera, Joachim must perform the 3 point turn to return back to the... Read more
Reliant Robin Hit by Train At Level Crossing! FAIL
An elderly driver fails to see the warning lights at this level crossing. The car is hit by the train and the driver has a lucky escape and proves why you need to pay attention at level crossings. There were rumors that Mr Bean may have been driving the... Read more