Truck smashes into parked car
In Bolton, Lancashire (North-West England) a road sweeper smashes into parked cars as it travels down the road. This is the moment that a truck driver forced his way through parked cars on a narrow street causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage. The incident was caught on CCTV... Read more
Police block wrong way driver
A police car stops on the motorway to stop a driver who is travelling on the wrong side of the road. Footage of the moment brave police officers prevented a serious collision on the M6 toll has been released after a car travelled the wrong way on the northbound... Read more
Dash cam captures motorbike crashing into lorry
Dash cam captures the moment a motorbikes takes a corner on a country lane too quickly and crashing into the front of a lorry. This shocking video footage captures the moment a motorcyclist veers across a winding country lane and is involved in a terrifying collision with a truck.... Read more
Road Rage in South Africa
Road rage in South Africa which results in a driving attacking the other driver with a taser gun. 34 year old Giepie Delport caught this crazy road rage on his dash camera in South Africa’s Cape Town. For no apparent reason this pick up driver takes offence to Giepie’s... Read more
White Van Man Spits at Cyclist
This is the shocking moment a Leicester cyclist is spat at by a white van after cycling in the bus lane. Apparently this is not an unusual experience for @therobspence who told us, “I was cycling along at approximately 20mph when the van drove past, and I heard a... Read more
Mazda RX8 Crashes into Embankment /15B-PD2-006
This is the insane moment a Mazda RX8 hydro planed on a patch of standing water which sent the car flying into a road sign and bank at 70mph! The driver miraculously survived unharmed whilst the car faired a little worse. Read more
Cyclist Annoys Lamborghini Aventador Driver
Lamborghini Aventador driver is annoyed to be held up in a London street by a cyclist. Read more
Raw Crime Channel Teaser