CCTV – Yobs Brutal Attack In Park
B-Roll – CCTV Camera (to blur)
CCTV- Robber Smashes and Runs Off With Till
Great vintage B&W CCTV footage of crazy robbery. Read more
Shocking CCTV footage of drunks in train stations
CCTV – Two Teens Rob Off-Licence with Swords
As the female sales assistant was working behind the till, two men walked into the store. One threatened the assistant with a machete while the other suspect went behind the till and stole cash, along with a quantity of cigarettes and alcohol. Both men then walked out of the... Read more
Raw Cut Archive
Waitress blows her nose in your coffee!!
Gulp! Don’t be too impatient demanding those refills for your “bottomless cup”. That is unless you lilke to drink the mucus of a harried waitress. Read more
KARMA! Fleeing armed robber lands hard into trolley
As a gang of armed robbers make their getaway by leaping over the counter, one of the punks lands hard into a trolley. Read more
FAIL! Robber Hit on Head With Wine Bottle
Guy who looks like he stepped out of an 80s eisode of McGyver tries to pull the old “finger in the jacket posing as gun” stick up and gets a nice vintage Merlot to the skull. Read more
FAIL! Robber Loses Gun On Counter
Oops! This armed robber needs to up his game. Unable to multitask, this lame-o fumbles on the whole gun handling/cash transfer manouver leaving a window of oppertunity for the counter guy to get the drop on him. Back to robber school for you! Read more