Buckingham Palace Guard Falls Over /15H-PD101-039
Buckingham Palace guard falls outside the palace while changing the guard. Read more
London Street Fire (Phone) /15G-PD101-036
Firefighters tackling an underground blaze that brought part of London to a standstill – a day after it started. More than 5,000 people were evacuated from surrounding buildings as flames and smoke shot from a manhole in Holborn. Firecrews managed to contain the blaze on Wednesday evening after dousing... Read more
Drunk and disorderely at Leyton Tube Station /15F-PD101-022
Drunk and disorderely at Leyton Tube Station in London on 27 March 2015 at 8:45pm. If you are interested in licensing this footage email info@rawcut.tv Read more
£200,000 McLaren supercar written off by Saab / 15B-PD101-013
An insurance company was facing a hefty bill after a £200,000 McLaren supercar was badly damaged in a crash with a modest Saab. The McLaren 650S, which is capable of more than 200mph, was involved in a collision on Eaton Square, one of London’s poshest roads. It is thought... Read more
Selfridges ‘Smash And Grab’ Caught on Camera
Selfridges ‘Smash And Grab’: Two Men Held A witness says two suspects are tackled to the ground by members of the public following a “smash and grab” raid at Selfridges. Two men have been arrested following an audacious raid by a burkha-clad gang at Selfridges after passers-by reportedly pinned... Read more
White Van Man Spits at Cyclist
This is the shocking moment a Leicester cyclist is spat at by a white van after cycling in the bus lane. Apparently this is not an unusual experience for @therobspence who told us, “I was cycling along at approximately 20mph when the van drove past, and I heard a... Read more
Drunk Man Escalator Fail
A drunk man at London Bridge station fails at negotiating the escalator. Read more
Raw Crime Channel Teaser