London SantaCon
Santa Claus Riot in London Read more
Santa Ice Skating FAIL
Two Santa’s attempt to skate on an ice rink and fail badly Read more
Santa & Elf working in london
Santa & Elf doing odd jobs around London, including being bin men. Read more
Police caught sledging on riot shields in snow
On Duty police officers use riot shields to sledge down a hill. Read more
Caught on CCTV – Santa Claus steals from a store
A Santa is caught on CCTV stealing from a store! Read more
Street Fight With Crutches
1042: A fight breaks out in a street decorated with christmas lights in Salisbury. One man uses his crutch to hit some people before being hit himself. The fight continues until the police intervene. Read more
Boxing Day Fight With Weapon
2027: A fight is spotted taking place outside a club by a Police helicopter. A weapon, which turns out to be a walking stick, is thrown away before ground units arrive. Read more
Santa Claus steals from a shop
Santa is caught on CCTV stealing from a store. Read more
Raw Crime Channel Teaser