B-Roll – CCTV Camera (to blur)
GV – Big Ben – background artsy cutaway
Lovely soft focus of Big Ben with leaves in the foreground Read more
London GV – Ambulance, Blue lights, Night
GV – Police Car (front tracking) Daytime
Drink Driver
Raw Cut Archive
London GV – Police Car
LONDON GV – David Cameron crossing road – HD – R0020861 01
London cyclist catches drivers breaking the law
London cyclist Dave Berry gets attacked by driver who is following him. Read more
CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Motorcyclist Pulling Wheelies is Caught by Police with Selfie
A biker has been banned from the roads after police looked at his ‘helmet-cam’ – and found footage of him speeding, jumping red lights and pulling WHEELIES. Motorcross nut Lewis Shallcross, 20, was pulled over by officers after he was spotted doing twice the speed limit at night without... Read more