ClipTV Sampler
We now represent the very fun archive of Brazil’s ClipTV. Read more
Motorcycle Hit & run
Police Pursuit of Stolen Car
Stolen car in Aylesbury and a massive operation involving 2 choppers, 6 cop cars, and 2 police bikes have been called in to stop it. Read more
Cyclist Catches Van Driver Reading Paper Behind The Wheel
Who doesn’t love a little light reading to pass the time – but while driving a large motor vehicle on a public road? Our pal Dave Sherry is back with his latest road outrage. Read more
Police Chase Motorcycle
Police Chase Quad Bike – NMHSU
White Car Crashes into Bike
Bike Thieves Chased by Cyclist /15G-PD101-023
Three thugs pushed a 53-year-old man from his bike, punched him and stole it before running off. But the crime was witnessed by a passing cyclist who pedalled after them – and captured the entire moment on his helmet-mounted camera that was connected to his heart monitor. The dramatic... Read more
Cyclist caught in railway crossing gates /15I-PD101-016
The man was caught on CCTV trying to get pedal across the railway line as the barriers warning lights flashed red. In the footage he cycles across the tracks just as the barrier begins to drop but fails to make it to the other side in time. The second... Read more
London cyclist catches drivers breaking the law
London cyclist Dave Berry gets attacked by driver who is following him. Read more