CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Motorcyclist Pulling Wheelies is Caught by Police with Selfie
A biker has been banned from the roads after police looked at his ‘helmet-cam’ – and found footage of him speeding, jumping red lights and pulling WHEELIES. Motorcross nut Lewis Shallcross, 20, was pulled over by officers after he was spotted doing twice the speed limit at night without... Read more
Moped rider tries to outrun UK Police at 15mph
Police footage showing a chase taking place of a 50cc moped rider driving through the streets. The footage was filmed from a police helicopter. The moped rider is trying to outrun the Police at 15mph! Read more
CAR TURN FAIL** motorcyclist flips over bonnet & face plants onto road
A CCTV camera in Panama captures this insane accident. A dozy driver pulls a U turn without seeing an oncoming motorbike. The rider smashes over the bonnet and sommersaults off the bike face planting onto the road Read more
Crazy Guy hits motorcyclist Road Rage”
A car in front of our POV motorcyclist thinks the bike is challenging him. The car driver gets out, begins an aggressive verbal assault along with some pushes, before getting back into his vehicle. Read more
Epic drunk bike guy in the middle of the afternoon
In the middle of the afternoon we see this drunk cyclist try and make his journey up the road to hilarious results Read more
Road rage fights cyclist in London HQ
This cyclist has been hit by a car. After getting up and dusting himself down, an argument breaks out. It quickly escalates, culminating with the motorist taking hold of the bike. He races towards the cyclist… The driver tries to leave and a further fight breaks out between members... Read more
SHOCKING Crazy lady – Road Rage To The MAX
Our camera girl was driving through a school zone, where the lady in the red truck was driving 40+ mph, The camera girl drove into the right lane of the road so she could pass her. When they switched the other car did as well. This went back and... Read more
Cyclist Road Rage
Passengers in car, London-England, are suspected of shouting at the cyclist from the car. Cyclist then stands in front of the car blocking its way refusing to move until he receives and apology. Read more
Road Rage Bus Driver Swerving Into Cyclist
CCTV Footage captures the shocking incident of a bus driver swerving into a cyclist a knocking him off the bike. Read more
Phone Snatch
This is the shocking moment a woman walking along a footpath had her phone snatched by a youths — on a MOPED. Courtney Morgan, 19, was part of a gang of five ‘snatch and grab’ robbers who used mopeds in a string of vicious mobile phone thefts. He was... Read more