Road rage driver reverses at cyclist
Thomas Bardon, 23 years old. I was cycling home from work down Lund Lane just outside Killinghall on the 4/6/14 at 3.30pm, Harrogate. It had been raining so there was standing water at the side of the road, I approached a blind bend in the road with parked cars... Read more
Biker thrown off bike by hit & run driver / 14B-PD001-5178
This is the shocking moment a motorcyclist was thrown head over heels after being struck by a hit-and-run motorist – but miraculously walked away virtually unharmed. Andrius Cesna, 33, was stopped at a roundabout on his Yahama bike when careless Richard Themistocleou, 35, slammed straight into the back of... Read more
Dash cam captures motorbike crashing into lorry
Dash cam captures the moment a motorbikes takes a corner on a country lane too quickly and crashing into the front of a lorry. This shocking video footage captures the moment a motorcyclist veers across a winding country lane and is involved in a terrifying collision with a truck.... Read more
Cyclist Road Rage London
This is the shocking video that cyclist Raphael Carrondo was kicked off his bike by a youth on a BMX bike while cycling on a busy London road in front of Embankment Station on Wednesday 6th August (2014). The incident occurred at around 5:15 in the evening and was... Read more