FAIL! Robber Hit on Head With Wine Bottle
Guy who looks like he stepped out of an 80s eisode of McGyver tries to pull the old “finger in the jacket posing as gun” stick up and gets a nice vintage Merlot to the skull. Read more
FAIL! Robber Loses Gun On Counter
Oops! This armed robber needs to up his game. Unable to multitask, this lame-o fumbles on the whole gun handling/cash transfer manouver leaving a window of oppertunity for the counter guy to get the drop on him. Back to robber school for you! Read more
Woman vomits on vintage dress
As if charity shop clothing wasn’t gross enough (they belong to dead people!) this CCTV clip from a Los Angeles vintage clothing shop shows just what can happen when the stench of musty granny frocks overloads ones olfactory tolerance. Read more
CCTV – Compact car crashes headfirst into lorrie
FAIL! Worst parallel parker
The hilarious moment a haphazard motorist reversed into a wall while attempting to parallel park has been caught on camera. Filmed on CCTV, the video shows the hapless driver make several failed attempts to back into a large parking space near Bo’ness, in West Lothian, Scotland, before side-swiping a... Read more
FAIL Canal Jump – Birmingham
Digging throughthe archives, we’ve found yet another canal jump fail for you enjoyment. One Saturday afternoon in Birmingham city centre around 2011 a 24 year old man decided spontaneously to jump the canal and hit his chin on the side. Afterwards he went to the hospital where he received... Read more
Heist FAIL! Bungling thieves smash into travel agency
CCTV of Bungling thieves who attempted to raid an upmarket clothes shop were left red faced after smashing their way into a TRAVEL AGENT It is thought the group planned to reverse a stolen car into into Garment Quarter, which stock lines from both Victoria Beckham and Vivienne Westwood.... Read more
Dumb thief walks into glass – FAIL
A thief throws a cinder block through a restaurants window and grabs the tip jar from the counter. The thief rushes to make their exit however bumps into the window next to the broken one. Read more
Yob kicks man in the face
Yob Vitalijis Zavjalovs, 22, is captured on CCTV cameras laughing with a friend as he leaves his victim lying on the ground unconscious following the senseless attack in the early hours of December 8 last year. The footage, which emerged during a court hearing to sentence Zavjalovs, made the... Read more
FAIL Drunk Man Attempts to Jump Canal
A man on a stag do is filmed as he is dared to jump a canal in Birmingham, England. Having watched the rest of the stag do party successfully jump the gap, the pink shirted man gives it his all only to fail on the landing and recieves a... Read more