Truck smashes into parked car
In Bolton, Lancashire (North-West England) a road sweeper smashes into parked cars as it travels down the road. This is the moment that a truck driver forced his way through parked cars on a narrow street causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage. The incident was caught on CCTV... Read more
Thieves steal wall paintings but leave TV
Thieves steal a painting mounted to the wall but leave an expensive TV behind. Reference 15C-PD2-17 Art theft from a Hull taxi cab firm offices in the North-East of England. The three bungling thieves nick some generic pictures of hull, ignoring the plasma screens in background. Read more
House burglar spots CCTV during crime
Gormless Burglar Caught on Camera / 14C-PD001-5180 Burglar is caught staring at a CCTV camera he then went on to steal from a couple’s house. The thief looks directly into the lense before shouting to an accomplice and saying the word ‘camera’. Despite being caught on tape for five... Read more