Mini-Riot at Boxing Match /15M-PD101-015
Ill-feeling among the supporters of both fighters exploded into violence after super bantam Uzair Najib, 23, was stopped in the first round by Muheeb Fazeldin, 22. Footage from the weekend bout clearly shows the bedlam on the canvas, and the ring announcer can be heard screaming for calm, saying... Read more
London cyclist catches drivers breaking the law
London cyclist Dave Berry gets attacked by driver who is following him. Read more
Fight at Mayhem Festival August 2012 /15M-PD2-010
Filmed at Mayhem Festival between Slayer and Slipknots set, a metal fan captures this fight with probably the best timed cop takedown ever. The fight, possibly triggered by the girl in the middle, becomes fairly ugly as hair is pulled and eyes gouged. A bystander seems to be happy... Read more
Man Is Attacked And Thrown Into Moving Train CCTV
After an argument on a train platform in England, things turn nasty and a man is pushed into a moving train. The man luckily manages to stay on the platform as members of the public rush to his aid. Read more
Shopkeeper at Sex Shop Foils Robbery
The store owner of this Sex shop based in Australia, foils an attempted robbery from these two individuals who enter his store. Don’t know what the store owner is using as a weapon here, but it does look like a particular item you would find in that store. Read more
This is the pulse-racing moment an incredibly brave shopkeeper brushed aside a burly knife-toting crook by chasing him off with a BROOM Met Police have released the shocking CCTV of the violent attempted robbery in Dagenham, Essex, on Friday October 21. As the drama unfolds the shaven headed crook... Read more
bike rage – road rage caught on headcam
Cyclists has near miss with car, who he later has a fight with him. Read more
Shopkeeper fights off armed robber!
This is the terrifying moment a masked robber fires a gun at a shopkeeper – who fought him off with a STICK.Kapil Vaghela, 29, and his fiancee, Trisha Patel, 27, were terrified when the masked robber burst into their shop in Leicester, and fired three shots at them. But... Read more
Girl fight Caught on Camera in Chico!
Four girls fight on the streets of Chico, while by-standards do very little. Read more
Tottenham Riots The Frontline HD with blurs
Riot footage taken from the front lines. Here we see footage taken from the police point of view. Read more