two drunk old men fighting, funniest shit ever
An altercation has kicked off between two men on the London underground. It’s unclear what started the ruckus but the person filming on his phone can barely believe the spectacle unfolding before their very eyes. It looks like the men are preparing to slug it out or should that... Read more
A Train Fight with Drunk Guy August 5, 2011 6:35PM
Drunk Guy on the NYC A Train to Far Rockaway Read more
Crazy Couple Fighting on London Charing Cross Train
Crazy couple picking a fight with a random guy on the London charing cross train heading to Orpington. Read more
McDonalds FIGHT!
“McIntosh Jr. — an ex-con who served nearly 11 years for manslaughter, assault and weapons charges — is caught on tape using a metal rod to beat patrons Denise Darbeau, 24, and Rachel Edwards, 24, breaking Darbeau’s skull and arm and cutting Edwards. The fight began when the gals... Read more
Angry man destroys phone shop
An unhappy customer smashed up a city centre mobile phone shop during an apparent row over a refund for a mobile phone contract. Shocked shoppers filmed Jason Codner, 42, from Salford, on their phones as he methodically ripped out wall fixtures and set off fire extinguishers at the T-Mobile... Read more
SHOCKING Shopkeeper Fights Off Robber! Caught on CCTV
“The owner of a Belfast off-licence has revealed how a persistent thief came back four times to rob his store. Tony McGurran was speaking after Eamon Brown, 29, of Coolpark Avenue, Belfast, was jailed for six years at Belfast Crown Court. Brown attempted four robberies at the Vineyard on... Read more
On a London Street a fight breaks out between 2 men. Known as the DMX vs Eminem fight the brawl was filmed by passers by. Read more
Road rage fights cyclist in London HQ
This cyclist has been hit by a car. After getting up and dusting himself down, an argument breaks out. It quickly escalates, culminating with the motorist taking hold of the bike. He races towards the cyclist… The driver tries to leave and a further fight breaks out between members... Read more
Epic karate Knockout

Epic karate Knockout

FightSport February 19, 2015 0

Kids karate match, out of nowhere kid knocks out opponent with amazing spin kick Epic karate knockout of the 2013 Shinkyokushinkai karate Read more
Shop keeper fights off thief with stool
A hooded man enters the shop and lunges over the counter with a knife in his hand. He waves the knife around while trying to pull the till from the counter. The shop keeper then grabs a stool from behind him and repeatedly hits the thief with the stool.... Read more