Police helicopter follows a gang, disposing of weapon
A gang walking on the road dispose of a weapon, seemingly oblivious to the eye in the sky which is the police keeping a watchful eye on them. Read more
Moped rider tries to outrun UK Police at 15mph
Police footage showing a chase taking place of a 50cc moped rider driving through the streets. The footage was filmed from a police helicopter. The moped rider is trying to outrun the Police at 15mph! Read more
BEST POLICE PURSUIT EVER – derby police chase UK
This is the dramatic moment a policeman finally serves out some rough justice to a criminal who drove at 120mph the WRONG WAY down a stretch of the M1. Daft Mark Jones led traffic cops on a tense 40 minute high-speed chase – ramming vehicles, weaving between cars and... Read more
A man in Nottinghamshire who is part of a gang that steals heavy machinery, has stolen a JCB and has police in pursuit, Once the chopper is over head, he moves off road smashing through a gates and doing doughnuts in a field. He then heads towards a cemetry... Read more
Ram raid robbery and pursuit ends in TPAC
A car used in a Ram Raid robbery is pursued by UK Police and a helicopter support unit in the North Midlands area. The very bad driver is finally brought to a stop using a TPAC Read more
Dangerous driver runs
In a high speed pursuit, Police attempt to stop the chase using a rolling containment tactic but the suspect manages to slip away. Narrowly avoiding a pedestrian, the driver abandons the car and runs across gardens to his own house. Air support guide ground units to his location and... Read more
High Speed Pursuit ends in crash
2026 When a dangerously fast driver takes a bend too fast, he skids and crashes into a lamp post. Read more
Burglar Gets Trapped on Roof
2009: A man is disturbed while burgling a house and, with escape routes blocked, climbs onto the roof. He eventually surrenders. Read more
Boxing Day Fight With Weapon
2027: A fight is spotted taking place outside a club by a Police helicopter. A weapon, which turns out to be a walking stick, is thrown away before ground units arrive. Read more
Riot out of control
2034: Helicopter support observes a riot which has started in an estate. The many perpetrators rip down fences, set fires, and smash up a car. One rioter and two others walk round the corner and break into a random car. The owner of the car and his friends come... Read more