Ryanair Aeroplane Lands Sideways in Strong Winds – Bristol Airport
This Ryanair plane makes a smooth landing despite strong sidewinds in Bristol, England. Read more
Dream Job as Alton Towers Pirate! /15H-PD2-015
Reference 15H-PD2-015 This guy probably has the best job. He gets to dress as a pirate and drives around in a boat. Read more
Smash & Grab Jewellers Raid
This dramatic footage depicts a gang of axe-wielding raiders as they execute a daytime smash and grab raid at a jewellers in Ilkley. Dressed in blue boiler suits and black balaclavas at least two members of the gang can clearly be seen attacking the shop window with axes while... Read more
Reckless Driver Reverses Down Slip Road
This is the incredible moment a determined motorist reversed back up a slip road – in a desperate bid to avoid a traffic jam. The callous driver was caught on camera performing the dangerous stunt on the M11 near Cambridge last Friday (4/4/2014). In a bid to avoid the... Read more
Arsenal vs Wigan Hooligans
Location: Wembley Stadium Event: FA Cup semi final Between Arsenal and Wigan Athletic Wigan fans showing their dislike of Arsenal fans and the video shows how after game finished some Wigan fans ended Read more
Bicycle Powered Tree House Elevator
Ethan Schlussler of Sanpoint, Idaho, was fed up having to climb up and down a 30 foot ladder to reach the tree house he built. Instead, he came up with an ingenious way to get up and down with minimum effort, a bicycle adapted into an elevator powered by... Read more
Amazing Groom’s Football Skills
Groom’s amazing football skills on wedding day – aisle freestyle. Groom Daniel Cutting got married on the 24th August, 2013 and decided to do some football skills down the aisle to entertain the guests before his wife-to-be arrived! Read more
Train Level Crossing Near Miss With Van
This is the nail-biting moment a delivery driver nipped across a level crossing without looking – and came inches from a “catastrophic” smash with a train. Careless Alan Borman, 60, failed to spot warnings signs before pulling out in front of the oncoming locomotive. Shocked Borman looked up to... Read more
100 Year Old Lady Rides A Segway to Celebrate Her Birthday!
A 100-year-old great grandmother who was clocked speedings (2011) has celebrated her centenary by taking to a SEGWAY. Sylvia Frankton hopped aboard the two-wheeled machine to commemorate the milestone by zipping around a specially laid out course. Read more
Swimmer Nearly Swallowed by Shark
This is the jaws-dropping moment a beach-goer filmed a massive shark off the British coast – and was nearly SWALLOWED whole. Lew (corr) Smart, 31, was sunbathing at Cornwall’s remote Sennen Cove when he spotted a fin gliding through the water. Instead of scrambling to safety he decided to... Read more