Awesome Backflip Basketball Trick Shot
Gymnast Mirrors on Rings
David Calvo juggles and solves Rubik’s Cubes
Car Vandal With Spade
1072: A topless man uses a spade to smash up a car. He breaks all of the windows, lops of the wing mirrors and then pummells the bonnet. The police arrest him. Read more
Yobs Smash Up Car With Hammer
1091: Some yobs smash up car windows with a hammer and then they climb on the bonnet. Read more
Woman pulls child out into the road
Safety campaigners have condemned this woman who diced with death as she crossed a busy roundabout dragging a young child behind her. The reckless woman was filmed stumbling across the grass island in the middle of the road surrounded by a constant stream of traffic. She ignored a pedestrian... Read more
Freak hail storm caught on camera
A freak hail storm surprises sun bathers in Siberia where temperatures suddenly dropped dramatically as huge hailstones the size of golf balls rained down. Read more
Drunk man has fight with bus stop
A drunk man in Sevenoaks London takes exception to a bus stop sign and decides to have a fight with it. After a valiant effort, the punch drunk man unfortunately lost. Read more
Road Rage – “do do do”
Raw Crime Channel Teaser