Buckingham Palace Guard Falls Over /15H-PD101-039
Buckingham Palace guard falls outside the palace while changing the guard. Read more
The Morecambe Naked Runner /15G-PD101-027
The jogger pounded the pavements of Morecambe, Lancs., wearing only his birthday suit – closely followed by a small brown terrier. His bare-faced cheek caused a stir among passers-by who took to Twitter to make him the butt of their jokes. Jordan Whittle @jwhitte94 tweeted: “Why was there a... Read more
Wallaby Spotted in Kent UK
Something you don’t see every day in the outback of the UK, a Wallaby is spotted by a dog walker in Kent, England. The animal bounces along the path of the field stopping short of them, before being startled off by the Labrador. Read more
867 People Dressed As Superman To Break A World Record Attempt
Hundreds of Supermen/women descend on a festival and have a great time, while they try and break a Guinness world record. Read more
The Amazing Spider Girl!
This 3 year old British girl shows her unique talent at being able to climb up her door frame! Read more
Moped rider tries to outrun UK Police at 15mph
Police footage showing a chase taking place of a 50cc moped rider driving through the streets. The footage was filmed from a police helicopter. The moped rider is trying to outrun the Police at 15mph! Read more
Penguins Take Over London Undergorund!
hundreds of penguins storm London tube station and one goes for a downhill ski ! Read more
Bag Thief Smashes Into Glass Door FAIL /15C-PD2-004
A bag thief in Western Australia is in the running for World’s worst thief. After snatching a bag, he gives it some legs through the mall hoping for a quick exit but he doesn’t count on the glass door making a citizens arrests. Smashing into the panel, he knocks... Read more
Baby Panda Falls Out of Tree At San Diego Zoo /15G-PD2-001
Package includes before of Xiao Liwu eating and then climbing back up. On August 6th 2013 Youtuber Greg Calkins had just turned on his camera and caught the baby panda at the San Diego Zoo (Xiao Liwu) falling out of his tree house. He was not hurt and shortly... Read more
Bikini Girl Gets Crotch Burn From Rope Swing! FAIL
Girl hurts herself badly after not falling off the rope properly! Read more