WIN or FAIL Skydiver Catches Inflatable Raft In Mid Air
skydiver catches inflatable raft mid air while making his descent. Read more
Here we see one Russian who has made his own DIY Windscreen wipers. Read more
My dogs a dick!
This guys dog will do nothing, unless there’s a treat involved! Read more
Thieves steal sofas, employee steals them back
This genuine CCTV footagewas taken at 11.45am on Sept the 29th 2012 of 2 men trying to steal a pair of leather sofas from THE SOFA KING showroom in Northampton. The Sofa King thought his prices were low enough but these two obviously don’t think so and thought they... Read more
OMG Horse Drive Thru !!!!
A group of people can be seen here enjoying a post-night-out meal in Morriston McDonald’s, When at about 4am, a man known only as the ‘Long Rider’ trots in on his horse and heads straight for the drive-through! Read more
Dunk attempt fail EPIC FAIL!!!!
This happened at a school basketball competition, were people were pitted against each other to see who had the best dunks. The girl in this video really wanted to dunk but because of her height she couldn’t, so it was decided to lower the net to approx 7 feet. Read more
Jeroen Elfferich LOOP BALLOON version of the track SEVEN NATION ARMY by THE WHITE STRIPES Read more
Epic Beer Steal Fail!!!!
A LANCASTER shop assistant has become an internet sensation after posting footage of himself grappling with a shoplifter on video-sharing website Youtube. Pete Edmunds, 26, of Willow Lane, launched himself at the would-be thief after he saw him trying to leave Fairfield Stores in Sibsey Street with eight cans... Read more
Ulitmate cock block! Dashcam car hits cows having sex!!
This is the moment a pair of randy cows having sex at the side of the road cause a car crash in Russia.A frisky bull mounts a red cow but his amorous intentions are rebuffed. As the female tries to get away she walks straight into the path of... Read more
Epic Fail!!!!!!! – idiot vs bus stop
A drunk man, now known to be Sean Martin from Stockport, decides to scale a bus shelter as a laugh. He pulls his trousers down to show his bare ass and jumps up and down on the perspex roof. The roof shatters and he falls through, still with his... Read more