Amazing Groom’s Football Skills
Groom’s amazing football skills on wedding day – aisle freestyle. Groom Daniel Cutting got married on the 24th August, 2013 and decided to do some football skills down the aisle to entertain the guests before his wife-to-be arrived! Read more
FAIL Drunk Man Attempts to Jump Canal
A man on a stag do is filmed as he is dared to jump a canal in Birmingham, England. Having watched the rest of the stag do party successfully jump the gap, the pink shirted man gives it his all only to fail on the landing and recieves a... Read more
100 Year Old Lady Rides A Segway to Celebrate Her Birthday!
A 100-year-old great grandmother who was clocked speedings (2011) has celebrated her centenary by taking to a SEGWAY. Sylvia Frankton hopped aboard the two-wheeled machine to commemorate the milestone by zipping around a specially laid out course. Read more
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