London SantaCon
Santa Claus Riot in London Read more
Violent Neighborhood Riot with Petrol Bombs
FULL UNCUT HELICOPTER FOOTAGE: Supporters of organized crime in Nottingham tear apart their own streets and set cars on fire, displayng a banner that reads “Free Colin Gunn.” Colin Gunn was jailed for life for planning the 2004 murder of John and Joan Stirland in Lincolnshire. The Stirlands were... Read more
Raw Cut Archive
Manchester Riots 2011 /15M-PD018
Footage from the summer of riots which swept across England in 2011. Read more
London Riots Summer 2011 Collection: Clapham Junction / 11M-PD0011-001
Mini-Riot at Boxing Match /15M-PD101-015
Ill-feeling among the supporters of both fighters exploded into violence after super bantam Uzair Najib, 23, was stopped in the first round by Muheeb Fazeldin, 22. Footage from the weekend bout clearly shows the bedlam on the canvas, and the ring announcer can be heard screaming for calm, saying... Read more
G8 Protest London
Nearly three dozen protesters were arrested in London on Tuesday amid demonstrations against next week’s Group of Eight summit in Northern Ireland.Before the protests, riot police also swooped in on a building occupied by the anti-G-8 protesters on Beak Street We have over Two hours worth of footage so... Read more
London Riots Summer 2011 Collection: Clapham Junction – Man tries to take on rioters
A man in Clapham attempts to gather a crowd to stop some rioters who are throwing rocks at police in Clapham, South London. The man attempts to apprehend one of the rioters, but is not supported and has to retreat when he is personally attacked. Read more
Tottenham Riots The Frontline HD with blurs
Riot footage taken from the front lines. Here we see footage taken from the police point of view. Read more
Angry man destroys phone shop
An unhappy customer smashed up a city centre mobile phone shop during an apparent row over a refund for a mobile phone contract. Shocked shoppers filmed Jason Codner, 42, from Salford, on their phones as he methodically ripped out wall fixtures and set off fire extinguishers at the T-Mobile... Read more