Jewellery Axe Attack on Window
On multiple cameras around a jewellery shop a man with an axe tries to smash the window. The store employee dashes outside but by the time he gets there the man has run off with his loot. Read more
CAUGHT ON CCTV: Gun Wielding Robber Holds Up Shop
A Birmingham robber who has been jailed after holding up a city newsagents at gunpoint. Darren Ogom was arrested after he robbed the News Plus store in West Heath, back in January 2013. The 37-year-old calmly walked into the store, on 16 January last year and produced a pistol,... Read more
London Wine Shop Robbery Caught on CCTV /15C-PD2-007
On the 9th October 2013, two Eastern European men walk into a Vintage Wine Shop in Soho London. They innocently buy 2 bottles of beer and start to leave but before they reach the door they come back in asking to have the bottles opened. As the shop assistant... Read more
Bag Thief Smashes Into Glass Door FAIL /15C-PD2-004
A bag thief in Western Australia is in the running for World’s worst thief. After snatching a bag, he gives it some legs through the mall hoping for a quick exit but he doesn’t count on the glass door making a citizens arrests. Smashing into the panel, he knocks... Read more
Shopkeeper at Sex Shop Foils Robbery
The store owner of this Sex shop based in Australia, foils an attempted robbery from these two individuals who enter his store. Don’t know what the store owner is using as a weapon here, but it does look like a particular item you would find in that store. Read more
Thieves steal sofas, employee steals them back
This genuine CCTV footagewas taken at 11.45am on Sept the 29th 2012 of 2 men trying to steal a pair of leather sofas from THE SOFA KING showroom in Northampton. The Sofa King thought his prices were low enough but these two obviously don’t think so and thought they... Read more
This is the pulse-racing moment an incredibly brave shopkeeper brushed aside a burly knife-toting crook by chasing him off with a BROOM Met Police have released the shocking CCTV of the violent attempted robbery in Dagenham, Essex, on Friday October 21. As the drama unfolds the shaven headed crook... Read more
Knife Robbery Finger
This is the horrifying moment three armed thugs burst into a corner shop waving samurai swords and hunting knives during a violent robbery. Shocking CCTV footage captured the incident as terrified shop workers desperately tried to open the till, while the brutal gang slashed at them. The offenders almost... Read more
JCB Bank
This is the amazing moment a daring bank raid was caught on CCTV cameras – as the gang of robbers smash their way into using a JCB digger. In the shocking images, a JCB digger can be seen pulling into view and swinging across a road behind a van... Read more
Shopkeeper fights off armed robber!
This is the terrifying moment a masked robber fires a gun at a shopkeeper – who fought him off with a STICK.Kapil Vaghela, 29, and his fiancee, Trisha Patel, 27, were terrified when the masked robber burst into their shop in Leicester, and fired three shots at them. But... Read more