*Full version* ‘Do you recognise this phone thief?’
On Feb 2nd 2012, an angry train passenger records the moments after he witnessed a thief steal a phone out of lady’s bag that was left on a night train from London to Guildford, using his camera phone. The thief receives a barrage of abuse and justifies his theft... Read more
Wheelchair Theft /15C-PD101-005
A couple who stole a 71-year-old woman’s purse from the bag hanging off the back of her wheelchair were caught in the act on CCTV. The woman was shopping in the Rushden branch of Wilkinson in Eaton Walk, Nottingham, on Wednesday, January 7, when she had her purse stolen.... Read more
School Lollipop Thieft /15C-PD101-004
Detectives are hunting this yob who viciously dragged an elderly lollipop man off the road before running off with his STICK. Shocking CCTV footage in Coventry shows the victim, who has not been named, walking out to stop traffic after a man dressed in dark clothing reaches the end... Read more
Cash Point Robbery
This was the chilling moment a masked robber crept up behind a teenage girl at a cashpoint before threatening her with a massive knife. The 18-year-old was withdrawing money from a branch of Lloyds TSB when the menacing figure followed her into the secure foyer. As she turned around... Read more
Smash & Grab Jewellers Raid
This dramatic footage depicts a gang of axe-wielding raiders as they execute a daytime smash and grab raid at a jewellers in Ilkley. Dressed in blue boiler suits and black balaclavas at least two members of the gang can clearly be seen attacking the shop window with axes while... Read more
Drunk Thug Robs Man on Mobility Scooter
This is the shocking moment a drunk thug cowardly stole a bag from a disabled man – after hauling him to the ground from his MOBILITY SCOOTER. Shameless Daniel Jones attacked the vulnerable 42-year-old when he spotted him outside a supermarket in Coventry, West Midlands on February 18, 2014.... Read more
Phone Snatch
This is the shocking moment a woman walking along a footpath had her phone snatched by a youths — on a MOPED. Courtney Morgan, 19, was part of a gang of five ‘snatch and grab’ robbers who used mopeds in a string of vicious mobile phone thefts. He was... Read more
Failed Underpass Mugging
1075 Two men attempt to mug their victim near some bins in London. They drag him into an underpass before he flees leaving behind his jacket. Read more
Two Thieves Steal Car from Car Park
1024 Two youths jump into a car in a car park, break the steering lock and drive away. Read more
Hugger mugger
This is the shocking moment a ‘hugger mugger’ CHOKED his defenceless victim until he passed out — before stealing his £5,000 Rolex. The attacker befriended the student, 24, and asked him for a cigarette as they walked through London’s West End. But as the suspect began talking about martial... Read more