Burglar Gets Trapped on Roof
2009: A man is disturbed while burgling a house and, with escape routes blocked, climbs onto the roof. He eventually surrenders. Read more
Naked man with spade
1109: A man in underwear walks through Cardiff city centre with a spade. He periodically hits things until the police arrive, upon which he puts the spade down and lies on his stomach ready to be arrested. Read more
Woman pulls child out into the road
Safety campaigners have condemned this woman who diced with death as she crossed a busy roundabout dragging a young child behind her. The reckless woman was filmed stumbling across the grass island in the middle of the road surrounded by a constant stream of traffic. She ignored a pedestrian... Read more
Meteorite caught on police dash cam
This is the moment a flaming meteorite was captured shooting across the British night sky – from a camera in a POLICE car. Stunned traffic officers spotted the ‘bolide’ meteor as they travelled on the M42 in the West Midlands at 3am on Monday (30 June 2014). A ten-second... Read more