Drunk Teen Collapses in Live TV Audience
Someone had a little too much vodka in a car park before the taping. Read more
Man pulls van in astounding feat of dental strength
Another incredible clip from the endlessly strange Iskra Television Archive. Read more
London SantaCon
Santa Claus Riot in London Read more
ClipTV Sampler
We now represent the very fun archive of Brazil’s ClipTV. Read more
CCTV – Office worker photocopies her breasts!
It would be much easier (and clearer) to take a selfie, but when you want that vintage, artsy look, there’s nothing better than mashing your boobs onto a big office copier and then inserting them into your end of quarter reports. Read more
Violent Neighborhood Riot with Petrol Bombs
FULL UNCUT HELICOPTER FOOTAGE: Supporters of organized crime in Nottingham tear apart their own streets and set cars on fire, displayng a banner that reads “Free Colin Gunn.” Colin Gunn was jailed for life for planning the 2004 murder of John and Joan Stirland in Lincolnshire. The Stirlands were... Read more
SUV Flips Over Tow Truck In Blizzard
After pulling a vehicle that ran off the highway in a massive snow storm, Ohio State Police use flares to protect the work area. This doesn’t stop an SUV from driving up the truck bed and flipping over. Read more
Škoda Attempts to Drive Through Flood
This video shows the moment the driver of a Škoda decided to risk his life by trying to pass the hazardous obstruction. It happened during the storm which swept across Cornwall on Sunday, ripping off roofs and flooding homes and hotels. Read more
CCTV – C&A Shoplifter in eye-catching bright shirt
When shoplifting try to be inconspicuous by not wearng a blindingly bright green shirt. Or maybe wear a bright shirt and use the reverse psychology of hide-in-plain-sight delfection. Or don’t shoplift. Read more
CCTV – Electronics Store Thief
This will be easy. Check if the coast is clear, then pick it up and walk right out the door. Read more