CCTV – C&A Shoplifter in T-shirt
The best thing about being a petty thief is you can wear whatever you want. Shorts and t-shirt? Why not! Read more
CCTV – C&A Shoplifting couple
For such dedicated shoplifters they seem pretty unaware that big retail stores have security cameras. Read more
CCTV – C&A Shoplifter in eye-catching bright shirt
When shoplifting try to be inconspicuous by not wearng a blindingly bright green shirt. Or maybe wear a bright shirt and use the reverse psychology of hide-in-plain-sight delfection. Or don’t shoplift. Read more
CCTV – Electronics Store Thief
This will be easy. Check if the coast is clear, then pick it up and walk right out the door. Read more
CCTV – The Sick Thief
Thieves don’t get paid sick days you knonw! Read more
CCTV- Robber Smashes and Runs Off With Till
Great vintage B&W CCTV footage of crazy robbery. Read more
CCTV – Two Teens Rob Off-Licence with Swords
As the female sales assistant was working behind the till, two men walked into the store. One threatened the assistant with a machete while the other suspect went behind the till and stole cash, along with a quantity of cigarettes and alcohol. Both men then walked out of the... Read more
Police Pursuit of Stolen Car
Stolen car in Aylesbury and a massive operation involving 2 choppers, 6 cop cars, and 2 police bikes have been called in to stop it. Read more
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KARMA! Fleeing armed robber lands hard into trolley
As a gang of armed robbers make their getaway by leaping over the counter, one of the punks lands hard into a trolley. Read more