FAIL! Robber Hit on Head With Wine Bottle
Guy who looks like he stepped out of an 80s eisode of McGyver tries to pull the old “finger in the jacket posing as gun” stick up and gets a nice vintage Merlot to the skull. Read more
FAIL! Robber Loses Gun On Counter
Oops! This armed robber needs to up his game. Unable to multitask, this lame-o fumbles on the whole gun handling/cash transfer manouver leaving a window of oppertunity for the counter guy to get the drop on him. Back to robber school for you! Read more
Office Thief! Woman steals supplies from supply closet.
Here’s a terrible employee shown here shaving money off her monthly office supply shop by helping herself to the company inventory. Read more
CAUGHT ON CAMERA! Busboy steals money from locker
CCTV camereas in the locker room of a posh hotel finds a restaurant busboy steals money from a colleague’s locker and smells his shoes seductivley(!) To licence this clip contact Read more
Caught on CCTV – Carpet cleaner steals booze from client
Carpet cleaner steals boozefrom client’s home and puts it into rug machine. To licence this clip contact Read more
CCTV – Cruel couple steals wallet from 78-year-old pensioner
Cruel couple were caught on camera stealing from an elderly woman after distracting her while she shopped in a supermarket The 78-year-old pensioner was doing her weekly shop at Aldi, in Bell Green, Coventry, at 11.30am on May 29 when the despicable thieves struck. Crystal-clear CCTV footage shows a... Read more
Knife wielding robbers attack shopkeeper
CCTV image from a shop robbery in Denton, Manchester, where 2 knife wielding masked raiders struck. Footage has been released of a shocking attack by two masked raiders against a shopkeeper and his wife – for the sake of £35. The woman suffered a broken leg, knife wounds and... Read more