Cyclist caught in railway crossing gates /15I-PD101-016
The man was caught on CCTV trying to get pedal across the railway line as the barriers warning lights flashed red. In the footage he cycles across the tracks just as the barrier begins to drop but fails to make it to the other side in time. The second... Read more
Man Is Attacked And Thrown Into Moving Train CCTV
After an argument on a train platform in England, things turn nasty and a man is pushed into a moving train. The man luckily manages to stay on the platform as members of the public rush to his aid. Read more
Reliant Robin Hit by Train At Level Crossing! FAIL
An elderly driver fails to see the warning lights at this level crossing. The car is hit by the train and the driver has a lucky escape and proves why you need to pay attention at level crossings. There were rumors that Mr Bean may have been driving the... Read more
Drunk racist woman bottles eastern european man on London Overground /15N-PD2-011
Woman pours beer over drunk racist woman on the London Overground after she verbally abuses him. She then throws a bottle at him before punching and kicking him. Read more
Happy Slap! Bloody Funny! Must see!!!
A sleeping guy is rudely waken by his friends, who have delivered him a friendly happy slap Read more
Racist man on Brighton train wearing ntl jacket
A man who launched a foul mouthed and racist rant at a fellow passenger on a London to Brighton train, is being investigated by police. Clutching a beer bottle, and dressed in a high visibility work jacket, the man can be seen on mobile phone footage uploaded online calling... Read more
A Train Fight with Drunk Guy August 5, 2011 6:35PM
Drunk Guy on the NYC A Train to Far Rockaway Read more
Crazy Couple Fighting on London Charing Cross Train
Crazy couple picking a fight with a random guy on the London charing cross train heading to Orpington. Read more
A lady on a packed commuter train from Gatwick to London Victoria (on the 17/2/2012 at roughly 6.45pm) gets angry at two men who apparently were rude to her. She then proceeds to spit on one of them and tries to hit them. Also seems as though she tries... Read more
Fire Truck Vs Train, FAIL
A Fire truck is parked on the train tracks and cant get off in time, the Train hits the Truck and takes it down the tracks with it before coming to a stop. Read more