Railway Level Crossing Collection /15C-PD101-007
Police have released this shocking footage of idiots trying to shave seconds off travel times by dodging speeding TRAINS. A cyclist is knocked from his bike trying to get under a lowering barrier and a train hurtles past a pedestrian less than a second after he strolls unknowingly out... Read more
CCTV Shocking Near Miss on Train Track
This video is the perfect example of the lucky escape this pedestrian has when crossing a train crossing. The train narrowly misses him while still traveling at speed. Read more
Train Level Crossing Near Miss With Van
This is the nail-biting moment a delivery driver nipped across a level crossing without looking – and came inches from a “catastrophic” smash with a train. Careless Alan Borman, 60, failed to spot warnings signs before pulling out in front of the oncoming locomotive. Shocked Borman looked up to... Read more
Drunk Man Jumps in Front of Train
A man who forced a train driver to slam on his emergency brakes when he stood on the tracks at a railway station has been jailed for 16 weeks. Nathan Barker, 21, jumped on to the line at Bentley, South Yorkshire while under the influence of drink and drugs.... Read more
Thieves use angle grinder to rob ticket machines
A major police investigation has been launched to find a gang who stole thousands of in coins from train ticket machines by cutting them open — with a petrol ANGLE GRINDER. Since April, the gang has used the heavy machinery to cut open six ticket machines, making off with... Read more