Violent Neighborhood Riot with Petrol Bombs
FULL UNCUT HELICOPTER FOOTAGE: Supporters of organized crime in Nottingham tear apart their own streets and set cars on fire, displayng a banner that reads “Free Colin Gunn.” Colin Gunn was jailed for life for planning the 2004 murder of John and Joan Stirland in Lincolnshire. The Stirlands were... Read more
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CCTV: Angry customer smashes TV
An angry customer at a TV repeair show expresses his dissatisfaction witht he customer service by smashing his old CRT. Soon all CRTs will end up in the TV graveyard. to licence contact Read more
GROSS! Worker wees in ice machine
Restaurant CCTV catches a worker pissing into the ice machine! Who’s gonig to clean that? To licence contact Read more
WTF? Angry employee pisses in cash till
This guy must really hate his boss. What could possibly have gone down in this business to make the hippy employee feel it was nessesary to actually piss into the cash register? Not enough bathroom breaks? Read more