SUV Flips Over Tow Truck In Blizzard
After pulling a vehicle that ran off the highway in a massive snow storm, Ohio State Police use flares to protect the work area. This doesn’t stop an SUV from driving up the truck bed and flipping over. Read more
Škoda Attempts to Drive Through Flood
This video shows the moment the driver of a Škoda decided to risk his life by trying to pass the hazardous obstruction. It happened during the storm which swept across Cornwall on Sunday, ripping off roofs and flooding homes and hotels. Read more
Flash Flooding Caught on Camera in Tormorden West Yorkshire
These shocking images show a flash flood hit Tormorden in West Yorkshire, England. Read more
Lorry only just makes hairpin bend on snowy road /15K-PD2-007
Lorry makes deadly turn on small downhill road, one wrong turn could be fatal! Read more
Black Ice + Car + Walking= Fail
Thanks to his fiancé, Vixiepoo, who managed to capture this fail on video. This is the un-edited full-length version, complete with the car trying to get up the hill. For all those out there speculating, this was not staged. As you can see there was trouble with some snow... Read more
Paignton Ice Skating for Cars – The Original
Car slides over icy conditions and driver looses control. Read more
Police Van Flood Fail

Police Van Flood Fail

Weather February 19, 2015 0

Police van drives into a road that has been hit by a flash flood and gets swamped. The Police, in full uniform, have to jump out and try to push the van out out of the torrent! Read more
Police caught sledging on riot shields in snow
On Duty police officers use riot shields to sledge down a hill. Read more
Massive Shards of Ice Falling from the Sky
Amateur video – Large chunks of ice crashing down on cars in a parking lot and onto the roof of a building. Some of the ice looks more like spears. Read more
Cop Car Getting Wiped Out By Truck Caught on Camera
Dash-cam – Amazing video of how dangerous highways become during snowy blizzards. In this incident a trooper is about to get out of his car to help a woman who was stranded on the highway when an out of control 18-wheeler truck is sliding on the snowy and icy... Read more