KITCHEN CCTV – Busboy vomits on plates
Restaurant busboy throws up into sink of plates, then washes up. Read more
Caught on CCTV – Carpet cleaner steals booze from client
Carpet cleaner steals boozefrom client’s home and puts it into rug machine. To licence this clip contact Read more
Carer theft caught on home CCTV
Carer steals from jewlery box at 1:07 in video. To licence clip contact www. Read more
Metropolitan Police Harlem Shake
Hilarious footage posted on YouTube shows one motorcycle cop in a crash helmet — apparently filmed in a nick’s underground car park — suddenly starting to cavort. Five colleagues at first appear to ignore him, then join in. The climax of the video — entitled Metropolitan Police Harlem Shake... Read more
Truck smashes into parked car
In Bolton, Lancashire (North-West England) a road sweeper smashes into parked cars as it travels down the road. This is the moment that a truck driver forced his way through parked cars on a narrow street causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage. The incident was caught on CCTV... Read more
Raw Crime Channel Teaser