Cruel couple were caught on camera stealing from an elderly woman after distracting her while she shopped in a supermarket

The 78-year-old pensioner was doing her weekly shop at Aldi, in Bell Green, Coventry, at 11.30am on May 29 when the despicable thieves struck. Crystal-clear CCTV footage shows a woman approaching the OAP and picking up a bag of potatoes before striking up a conversation with her. While her back is turned the female crook’s partner can then be seen dipping into her personal trolley bag and swiping her purse containing £60. The brazen pair then team up in another aisle where the man transfers the purse to the woman’s shopping basket who neatly covers it with the bag of spuds. The duo are then seen to leave the store separately before going on to spend hundreds of pounds using the gran’s bank cards