On the 9th October 2013, two Eastern European men walk into a Vintage Wine Shop in Soho London. They innocently buy 2 bottles of beer and start to leave but before they reach the door they come back in asking to have the bottles opened. As the shop assistant pops off the tops, the man in blue can be soon looking behind the counter and signalling to his friend. They move to the back of the shop and the man with the grey jacket distracts the assistant while the man in blue firstly steals a packet of cigarettes which he pockets. He then reaches behind the counter and grabs a change tin, containing around £150 in loose change. Despite its weight, he slips it under his top and and they quickly leave, with the assistant none the wiser. It wasn’t until the next morning when the shop owner was looking for the tin that he reviewed the CCTV and saw what happened. Extra precautions have now been taken to secure objects around the till area. This was an opportunist theft. DO YOU RECOGNISE EITHER MEN? THE MAN IN BLUE HAS A TATTOO VIEWABLE ON HIS NECK AND HAS A DISTINCTIVE HAIR CUT. THEY ARE EASTERN EUROPEAN AND BELIEVED TO BE ROMANIAN.