Škoda Attempts to Drive Through Flood
This video shows the moment the driver of a Škoda decided to risk his life by trying to pass the hazardous obstruction. It happened during the storm which swept across Cornwall on Sunday, ripping off roofs and flooding homes and hotels. Read more
CCTV – C&A Shoplifter in T-shirt
The best thing about being a petty thief is you can wear whatever you want. Shorts and t-shirt? Why not! Read more
CCTV – C&A Shoplifting couple
For such dedicated shoplifters they seem pretty unaware that big retail stores have security cameras. Read more
CCTV – C&A Shoplifter in eye-catching bright shirt
When shoplifting try to be inconspicuous by not wearng a blindingly bright green shirt. Or maybe wear a bright shirt and use the reverse psychology of hide-in-plain-sight delfection. Or don’t shoplift. Read more
CCTV – ATM Tow Robbery
CCTV – Electronics Store Thief
This will be easy. Check if the coast is clear, then pick it up and walk right out the door. Read more
CCTV – The Sick Thief
Thieves don’t get paid sick days you knonw! Read more
Primark Fight

Primark Fight

CCTVFight December 23, 2015 0

Things kick off during holiday shopping at this London deep discount clothing store. Read more
CCTV – Stupid Thief Breaks Into Shop Through Ceiling
Try to figure out at what point in the video this bozo realizes he’s made a huge mistake. Read more
CCTV – Yobs Brutal Attack In Park