Drone GV – Boston Police Station UK
Police Dog Chases Suspect
Police Dog Finds Thief Hiding Under Couch
Two thieves abandon a stolen car after being chased by Police. Out of sight, the passenger is arrested. The driver runs across gardens and hides under an old couch, where he is found by the Police dog unit thanks to directions from Helicopter support Read more
Cyclist Catches Van Driver Reading Paper Behind The Wheel
Who doesn’t love a little light reading to pass the time – but while driving a large motor vehicle on a public road? Our pal Dave Sherry is back with his latest road outrage. Read more
Raw Cut Archive
London GV – Police Car
LONDON GV – David Cameron crossing road – HD – R0020861 01
Waitress blows her nose in your coffee!!
Gulp! Don’t be too impatient demanding those refills for your “bottomless cup”. That is unless you lilke to drink the mucus of a harried waitress. Read more
KARMA! Fleeing armed robber lands hard into trolley
As a gang of armed robbers make their getaway by leaping over the counter, one of the punks lands hard into a trolley. Read more
FAIL! Robber Hit on Head With Wine Bottle
Guy who looks like he stepped out of an 80s eisode of McGyver tries to pull the old “finger in the jacket posing as gun” stick up and gets a nice vintage Merlot to the skull. Read more