Drunk Man Escalator Fail
A drunk man at London Bridge station fails at negotiating the escalator. Read more
Cyclist Annoys Lamborghini Aventador Driver
Lamborghini Aventador driver is annoyed to be held up in a London street by a cyclist. Read more
Armed robber takes TAXI to shop raid
A thief has been jailed for 10 years for trying to rob a shop worker at knifepoint but took a TAXI to and from the robbery. Earlier in the day the thief tried to hold up a bank but forgot to put his balaclava back on before entering the... Read more
Bus Stop Toilet, Blackheath London
Reference Code 15C-PD1-003 This is the disgusting moment a man went ‘number two’ at a bus stop – next to a BATHROOM SHOP. CCTV footage from the nearby store, which sells toilets and bathroom fittings, captured the moment a man was caught short in the shelter. The black and... Read more
Irish singer entertains office workers in London
Irish singer entertaining workers in London by singing “I Watch The Sunrise”. If you are interested in licensing this Read more
Raw Crime Channel Teaser
CCTV: Yobs Set Bus on Fire /15N-PD2-023
Reference 15N-PD2-023Some local youths set fire to a bus in Sparkhill, UK If you are interested in licensing Read more
Angry Road Rage – “do do do”
If you are interested in licensing this footage email info@rawcut.tvOr visit www.rawcutarchive.co.uk SUBSCRIBE: http://tinyurl.com/kj5erde | Read more
House burglar spots CCTV during crime
Gormless Burglar Caught on Camera / 14C-PD001-5180 Burglar is caught staring at a CCTV camera he then went on to steal from a couple’s house. The thief looks directly into the lense before shouting to an accomplice and saying the word ‘camera’. Despite being caught on tape for five... Read more