This dramatic footage depicts a gang of axe-wielding raiders as they execute a daytime smash and grab raid at a jewellers in Ilkley.

Dressed in blue boiler suits and black balaclavas at least two members of the gang can clearly be seen attacking the shop window with axes while the others push in the protective glass, before escaping with their swag in getaway car.

As an alarm clamours in the background one bemused shopper can be spotted milling near the four-man gang as they struck at lunchtime on Thursday. According to a witness, at one point one of the thieves used an axe to threaten a policewoman who approached the scene.

In the footage a gang member with an axe over his shoulder can be seen walking away and pointing at something, but it is not clear what.

The gang then sped off in a silver Honda Civic, which had been driven on to the pavement in front of the shop in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, narrowly missing a car and pedestrians.