At Raw Cut Archive we love crime footage, but we also love a good ‘viral’ video!  We want to get you money for your video by representing it as an agent, or we can even offer to buy it outright. 

As a television production company with 50 hours of weekly programming on several UK networks, we are contacted daily by various media outlets from TV and film producers to ad agencies who are looking to licence clips for their exciting projects.  With almost two decades in the industry and having built relationships these producers over the years, we are able to negotiate you the best possible fee whilst protecting your rights as the clip owner.

It’s easy to upoad your clips. Click the ‘Browse…’ button below and choose the file. We can work with most mobile formats (.mov, .avi, .mp4, H.265) but we prefer the most hi-res version you have. Be sure to send us you email and phone number. Once it’s uploaded we’ll contact you.

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If you've already posted a great video online, no matter what the view count is, send us the link and a message to -

We will then get in touch with you and send you a contract.  It is that easy, so sit back and watch us do all the hard work to get you paid for your clip!