Cyclist caught in railway crossing gates /15I-PD101-016
The man was caught on CCTV trying to get pedal across the railway line as the barriers warning lights flashed red. In the footage he cycles across the tracks just as the barrier begins to drop but fails to make it to the other side in time. The second... Read more
Reckless Driver Reverses Down Slip Road
This is the incredible moment a determined motorist reversed back up a slip road – in a desperate bid to avoid a traffic jam. The callous driver was caught on camera performing the dangerous stunt on the M11 near Cambridge last Friday (4/4/2014). In a bid to avoid the... Read more
Hit & Run of Pedestrian /15B-PD2-009
Reference 15B-PD2-009 Detectives have released CCTV footage of the moment a car deliberately struck a pedestrian in a ‘hit and run’ collision in Luton in an attempt to identify the driver. The incident, which happened in Radnor Road at 11pm on June 12, 2014, is being investigated by the... Read more