White van shunts parked car /15G-PD101-033
CCTV footage shows the white van pulling up behind a black Peugeot 207 before shunting it forward several yards. The driver, who appeared to want a particular parking space, then brazenly walks around the van and heads up an alleyway next to it. Dan Lassman, 23, who owns the... Read more
CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Car Drives on Busy Road With Kids Head Out The Sunroof
Police are hunting a reckless driver who let a young child stick her head out the SUN ROOF as they travelled along a busy dual carriageway at 40mph. Motorists were left stunned as the black Mercedes hurtled down the the A289 in Gillingham, Kent, at 1.30pm on Sunday (16/3).... Read more
Woman pulls child out into the road
Safety campaigners have condemned this woman who diced with death as she crossed a busy roundabout dragging a young child behind her. The reckless woman was filmed stumbling across the grass island in the middle of the road surrounded by a constant stream of traffic. She ignored a pedestrian... Read more
Lady falls onto train track and rescued by soldier
A woman who fell onto a live train track just moments before a train hurtled into the station has thanked the soldier who saved her life. Barbara Smith, 63, feared the worst when she tripped on the platform and fell onto the tracks at Strood Railway Station in Kent.... Read more