Violent Riot out of control
Helicopter support observes a riot which has started in an estate. The many perpetrators rip down fences, set fires, and smash up a car. One rioter and two others walk round the corner and break into a random car. The owner of the car and his friends come out... Read more
Wheelchair Theft /15C-PD101-005
A couple who stole a 71-year-old woman’s purse from the bag hanging off the back of her wheelchair were caught in the act on CCTV. The woman was shopping in the Rushden branch of Wilkinson in Eaton Walk, Nottingham, on Wednesday, January 7, when she had her purse stolen.... Read more
Burglar gets stuck in window /15H-PD101-002
Dan De-Niet, 20, and Tom Burdett, 19, found the man crying and screaming as he was wedged in the Arkwright building at Nottingham Trent University. The pair were coming back from a night out at 2:30am on Friday morning when they heard the bungling burglar. They originally thought that... Read more
Masked men with swords & knives rob shop
This is the shocking moment three masked men forced their way into a supermarket and threatened terrified staff with KNIVES and SWORDS. The trio burst into the Co-op store in Wollaton, Nottingham, as staff cashed up for the day at 11.30pm on June 16. They repeatedly assaulted staff and... Read more